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The Problem

The majority of adults begin a diet at least once a year, yet statistics reveal almost 95% gain back any weight lost. Why? Most books and programs start out with a single plan that may work for someone, but you’re not “someone”—you’re YOU! You have unique genetics, a distinctive body type, different goals, and a

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The Solution

The Diet Doc Permanent Weight-Loss Program has been perfected over the past 20 years by founder Joe Klemczewski, PhD. It has spawned books, radio programs, and hundreds of magazine articles. This proven system has helped thousands of clients around the world and is now available to you. Dr. Joe knows the success of his clients

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The Support

Mastering a mindset of success means developing powerful self-awareness skills. With movement toward a strength-based mindset and work initiative, empowerment is possible. Weight loss requires behavioral flexibility that is often hindered by core beliefs and values that we are unaware of. Identifying and examining them starts the path to goal achievement! We know that long-term

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The Program

Diving into a comprehensive program can seem overwhelming but the alternative is ultimately failure. Experience has shown that moving forward one solid step at a time is crucial. Take your time, engage in the process, and let the program unfold. Here are the steps we like clients to follow: Initial consultation for health history and

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